RecordsKeeper (XRK) Testnet Faucet
This faucet drips 5 RecordsKeeper Testnet XRK tokens in your wallet.
These Testnet XRK tokens can be used for development and testing purpose on RecordsKeeper Blockchain (Testnet).
How to get the RecordsKeeper Testnet XRK tokens?
  1. First, you need a RecordsKeeper Testnet wallet address! If you don't have one, please click here to create.
  2. Enter the Testnet wallet address over here and recieve 5 Testnet XRK tokens!
  3. Use it in your projects to publish your records in RecordsKeeper's Blockchain (Testnet)!
  4. You can get another shot of Testnet XRK tokens again only after 5 minute(s)!